DeDoes’ Produce New Theme for Long-Running Radio Program

December 4, 2011 – Hear our on-air appearance:  WJR Internet Advisor, Dec. 3, 2011 (direct link to .mp3 file)

November 6, 2011 – The radio program “The WJR Internet Advisor” began broadcasting in Detroit, Michigan in 1998.  Steve DeDoes composed and produced the theme music for this program, which has been in use ever since “The Internet Advisor” hit the airwaves…The Great Voice of the Great Lakes - Detroit, MI

* You can delve into this project, as a listener and music fan.  Click on the links below to compare the “old” with the “new” – and if you are interested, read Steve’s discussion and check out other mixes and variations.

The Original Theme: 60-second Intro Track

Composed 1998, produced as original music by Steve DeDoes
for the WJR Radio Program “The Internet Advisor” (© 1998, 2011)

Listen !(Click Here to hear Steve’s longtime “Internet Advisor” theme ! – opens new window)

This program is not only still on the air, fourteen years later, but is now entering syndication.  The theme track has been a staple of the show, with a recognizable “hook” that has become the musical signature for their audience.

On Saturday, December 3, at 4pm – an exciting new version of this longtime theme was unveiled.

Cutting Edge” – the title of the new version – features Mattie DeDoes on alto sax, in a clever rework of this 60-second piece.  The “GROOVE” is totally different, the TEXTURE and FEEL are more modern, and this short piece has been redesigned to help take “The Internet Advisor” into its next era !

(Click Here for Steve’s “Composer’s Notes,” Discussion on the Project, and hear other interesting 60-second variations !)

…AND HERE IT IS !!!  “Cutting Edge”  !

Composed and produced November 2011 by Steve DeDoes (© 2011)

Listen !(Click Here to hear the new “Internet Advisor” theme – titled “Cutting Edge” ! – opens new window)

**Note:  we unveiled the New Theme on Dec. 3, on the air !!  If you were unable to catch us live, you can hear the interview from WJRMattie and Steve DeDoes joined hosts Foster Braun and Gary Baker during the 1st hour of “The Internet Advisor”.