Photos and Videos from August 27, 2015.  It was quite a night, for all who were there.  Enjoy the excerpts below !

“The Helmholtz Project” Concert – Ann Arbor, Michigan
(what does that mean ?  read a preview published in U-M’s “Arts at Michigan” periodical)

Featuring Steve DeDoes (piano, vocals) & Mattie DeDoes (alto sax, vocals) –

  • with the Unknown Legacy Quartet (Leer Sobie, bass; James Mobley, drums & percussion)
  • with the North Coast Horns (Art Solomon, trumpet; Mattie DeDoes, alto sax; Louis Johnson, tenor sax; Brian Becker, trombone)
  • …and with Motor City Beat (Sandy Love, guitar/vocals; Larry Walton, bass; George Eberhardt, drums; Lindsay Longmire, vocals; Louis Johnson, piano/tenor sax/vocals; Mattie DeDoes, alto sax; Steve DeDoes, piano/brass/vocals).
  • Special Guest: Jim Cooney, guitar

Videos (links to other pages):

Photos (courtesy Joe Christy).  Click on the thumbnail to display and access the full .jpg :