…for our baseball/music fans –

Back in the summer of 2013, we (Mattie & Steve DeDoes) had the honor of contributing the music for a tribute video for the late Stan Musial, legendary baseball Hall-of-Famer.  Filmmaker Tim Reid created the video piece, which was first presented in Cooperstown at the 2013 induction ceremonies, in addition to its usage later in the year in a ceremony for Musial as part of the “Hot Springs (Ark.) Baseball Trail.”

Here is the video created by Mr. Reid – with music by the DeDoes duo.  Mattie (alto sax) is accompanied by Steve (piano) in a poignant rendition of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” (Norworth/Van Tilzer):

(Note: the credit at the end has our website address incorrect !)

We hope that our listeners enjoy this – as “baseball season” starts to ramp up here in 2018. For both Mattie & Steve, baseball has not just been a pastime, but has been a commitment over a couple of lifetimes. And therefore, for us to be asked to make a recorded musical statement, in tribute to the memory of one of the all-time icons of the sport, was something we will always treasure.

MSA Coaches Mattie & Steve DeDoes, circa 2015

After an all-state high school career (2007-2010), standout collegiate career (2011-2014), and numerous professional coaching stops since those playing days, Mattie continues to coach AND play the game he loves.  Currently, he finds a little bit of time to pitch and play for the Cleveland Mets, – a top recreational team in Ohio comprised of many former college players (including some of his former teammates).  He coaches and instructs for the Lake Erie Warhawks, a top program for Ohio college-bound high school players, and does a little bit of work with his former Oberlin College squad, where he was a two-year captain for coach Adrian Abrahamowicz.

Steve will take the field one more time in 2018, as a head coach with the Michigan Sports Academy – a Michigan-based counterpart of the Warhawks. Mattie is himself an alumnus of MSA, and then he served MSA as a coach and instructor in 2014-2016. As for Steve, 2018 marks his 20th year of baseball coaching; he is proud to be associated with Chris Harrison and MSA. “While I’ve had many opportunities to coach other places,” says Steve, “MSA is an important reason for why I continue to do this.”

The former college shortstop doesn’t try to *play* any more, of course (“You have to get better at DESCRIBING how to do it,” he says, laconically); however, the intricacies of combining athletic and musical pursuits continues to intrigue the 58-year old. “There are many commonalities between the two,” he says, “but I’ve always been amazed at how each discipline actually opens windows into the other. And, of course, I’ve been able to watch that ‘play out’ with Mattie over his entire life.”

(by L.Emmer for DeDoes Music)