Thanks to good friend – and avid listener – Tyrone Hicks, for identifying some of his favorite “DeDoes Music” and constructing this list on Apple Music.  These selected songs and tracks are culled from our music releases to date (April, 2018).

We agree with Tyrone that this is an enjoyable trip through a subset of our musical offerings; we hope that many other listeners enjoy this playlist !

The links here are provided to take you to services where the playlist is available:

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  1. Slow Burn  4:43
    (featuring Mattie DeDoes, alto sax & Steve DeDoes, keyboards) – smooth funk-jazz instrumental, from “Outside The Lines”
  2. UnSure  4:56
    (featuring April Tini & Steve DeDoes, vocals, with Mattie DeDoes, alto sax) – from “Outside The Lines”
  3. Phases  5:25
    (featuring Kerstin Allvin, harpist) – from “A Planetary Trip”, but originally released on Kerstin Allvin’s CD “Origins”.  This track reached #5 on national Billboard Magazine charts.
  4. The Way It’s Supposed To Be  2:49
    (Steve DeDoes, piano) – ballad performed here as piano solo, from “Projections”
  5. The Earth Is Home  2:58
    from “A Planetary Trip”
  6. For A While  2:51
    (featuring Trisa Klipp, vocal) – from “Projections”
  7. Variations on Brahms’ Lullabye (music from the film “Growing Apart”)
    concert piece structured from the music in the soundtrack – from “Projections”
  8. Friend For Life  4:01
    (featuring Chris Collins, soprano sax solo) – from “Projections”
  9. Beyond The Horizon  4:13
    from “Projections”
  10. (The More I) Need To Know  3:24
    (featuring April Tini, lead vocal, and “The Future Voices of Change) – from “A Planetary Trip.  Originally produced as a theme song for “TerraViva!” digital earth products from iSCIENCES, L.L.C.


NOTE: if you construct a playlist that you enjoy from our music…please let us know about it, and share with other listeners as well !  As we continue to release even more music, many interesting combinations can continue to evolve – and we solicit your involvements in helping us to discover these… S.D.