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Our listeners typically prefer to get our music by ordering CDs – and we also prefer that as well, for many reasons. Certainly, we receive a little bit more from a CD sale – but we also know that our audience is comprised of people who truly listen to music, and want to focus in on the listening experience.

However, a majority of our music tracks (original material) is also available on Amazon, Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and many other streaming services. We provide some direct links on the post for each album – start by clicking on the link for each album title below.

Our CD releases also often contain bonus tracks that are not available through the streaming services.

The Exciting Latest (April 2021) Original Release:

"Still A Player" - from Steve DeDoes (click here to access CD ordering, major services links)

Still A Player” – unforgettable sports-related songs and soundtracks. Steve DeDoes has produced memorable, thematic music for athletic purposes and programs, and also has created other great music motivated by personal athletic associations and experiences. This’ll get you going !! (note: info & links soon to be provided here for this BRAND-NEW product ! Stay Tuned !)

Our Previous (2020) Release:

"Beyond" - from Steve DeDoes & the Helmholtz Project (click here to access CD ordering, major services links)

Beyond” – a collection of great music produced to inspire, to accompany constructive thought, and to encourage positive & meaningful action…
(read more about it, and GET IT !!!)

February, 2018 – Featuring the alto horn of Mattie DeDoes:

(click here to access links)

Outside The Lines” (2018) – by Mattias DeDoes – 8 Brand-New Cuts

Click Here to learn more…we are excited to be able to have YOU enjoy this music !!!

More Incredible Album Releases:

Links here will provide you with more information about our other exciting product releases, and will help you to access them through online stores –

“Standard Deviation”  |  “Bluetopia”  | “Projections”  |  “A Planetary Trip”  |  “Christmas Air” (CD only).

Click on the text links above, or on the album cover-icons, to learn more about the music – and, for most albums, to access online stores/streaming (iTunes, Apple Music, and more).

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