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February 13, 2024: Theme Song, extended

Post #3, in our fairly new series of presenting specific tracks from our body of work…
“Cutting Edge” was a *musical evolution*. The theme began back in the 90’s, where the melodic “hooks” were composed and produced in order to serve as the theme music for the WJR “Internet Advisor” (hosts: Foster Braun & Gary Baker). After serving as the program’s theme for over 10 yrs., this tune received an overhaul in 2012. We incorporated some “techno” textures and modernized the groove, and featured the scintillating sax of Mattie DeDoes. The theme may still be used in some form, if either/both of those hosts are doin’ any podcasting, or something like that…

Here’s a YouTube link to an *extended* version of “Cutting Edge”, which was part of Mattie’s album a few years back –

Stay tuned as we continue these postings, and hope that we entertain our listeners and attract a few new ones. Again, we’ll provide a link below (as a comment) for you to access all of the music we make available on digital services.

If these posts are connecting with you, please let us know ! S.D.

February 5, 2024: Movie Music that stands by itself

This is the 2nd posting in an informal, new 2024 series featuring specific tracks in our “body of work”, as suggested by some of our most engaged listeners…

In this post, we point you to an instrumental track that was “bridged together” from a film soundtrack. Some years ago, S.D. scored the music for a short fictional film entitled, “Lack of Appeal.” From that project, we constructed the following “medley” of cues into a comprehensive piece called “Moments To Consider” – here’s a YouTube link:

Thanks to Kathy T. and Mike R. for their enthusiastic “rediscovery” of this track. We hope that you enjoy the introspective irony, the playfulness, and the “space between the notes” in this jazzy journey designed to expand the ideas and story in the film.

Stay tuned for more selections, and associated background as we present future recordings in this space. We hope to hear from new listeners, and invite all to check out our many tracks and albums – a link to a page on our website will be provided as a comment to this post. Thanks for listening, if you do – S.D.

January 30, 2024: a Love Song

On the suggestion of some of our loyal & valued listeners – this post is the first of a sequence of links that will highlight *featured music* from the many tracks that we have available on music platforms, etc.

This song – an original ballad entitled ‘For A While” is a lovely ballad that was originally composed for my sister’s wedding back in 1985. This recording, with lead vocal by Trisa Klipp, was done in 1996; the song has been played for many romantic occasions since it was written. Here’s a link to the track on YouTube:

When I composed the song, I had no idea that my sister would have a daughter (Madison Hubbell) who would become an Olympic medal-winning ice dance; check out the bridge of “For A While” to hear what I’m referring to…

We’ll be posting more music, and the stories behind many of the featured trax, in weeks ahead. We’ll see who gets “tuned in” to dedoesmusic on FB. We hope to hear from you !

Enjoy :”For A While”, and all of our music (on Spotify, Pandora, and more !) – we’ll add a link to this post to help you. S.D.

December 8, 2023: Christmas Time, again – and remembering Don Sebesky

During this holiday season, I want to make a posthumous salute to a longtime mentor and friend of mine – music legend DonSebesky. In the midst of my personal challenges in 2023, I learned of – and mourned – Don’s passing back in April.

Many of you are aware of my “Christmas Air” album (originally “Michigan Christmas Air”, produced on behalf of and for the American Lung Association in 1998). The song “Hurray For Christmas” on that acclaimed album was an original composition by Don. He graciously permitted me to make some adjustments to his tune (lyrics, primarily) and then he championed my vision for his song (see testimonial in an attached reply).

I know that many of you have reveled in this particular track, which has proven itself to be a highlight of the collection. Even in recent years, I have heard from a number of unsolicited listeners who have let me know that they consider this recording to be a favorite of theirs as well. While I’ve always been proud, of course, of the entire album, I will admit that “Hurray” is special for me. It’s because of so many elements: Don’s great, under-appreciated song, to begin with; April Tini’s fantastic lead vocal; the joyful, perfect guitar solo by Jake Reichbart; and, with so many others contributing (ensemble singers Kristen Ryan, Dave/Sue Fazzini, David Taylor’s creative drums, more), “Hurray” became something that was greater than the sum of its parts.

*** You can enjoy – again, or for the first time – my proud presentation of Don Sebesky’s “Hurray For Christmas”, at this YouTube link:

Don Sebesky’s accomplishments certainly go far beyond my collaboration and connections to him. I was lucky to have enjoyed the studies, and the interactions, that I had with him. His craftsmanship, and his unique musical passions and approaches, made a huge impact on me.
Happy Holidays to all, with warm, musical memories of Don – S.D.

Listen !hear a clip from “Hurray For Christmas” (opens new window) !

lead vocal by April Tini; backup vocals by Kristen Ryan, Sue Fazzini, and David Fazzini (representing the “Bricktown Quartet”)

© 1998, 2018 S.DeDoes/Full Score & 7 Music. All rights reserved. The song “Hurray For Christmas” is by Don Sebesky/Cymbaline Music, Inc.

(Looking ahead: we’ll continue with periodic releases of great recordings. You’ll want to stay tuned !)