As we mourn the passing of our dear friend and mentor Matt Michaels, we share a recording that is very special to us.

Listen !(Click Here to hear “Learnin’ From The Master” – opens new window)

Composed by Steve DeDoes, 1996.

Mattie DeDoes – alto sax; Matt Michaels, piano; Cary Kocher, vibes; Dan Jordan, bass; David Taylor, drums.

From Mattie DeDoes’ CD, “I’m A Player,” 2009.

© 1996, 2009 S.DeDoes/Full Score & 7 Music.  All rights reserved.


Note: when Mattie was in high school, we were able to combine Mattie’s soloing with this fun track that we had produced previously…and as a result, connect Mattie’s growing artistry with Matt, along with these other fine musicians.

Mattie was able to perform live with Matt on a couple of occasions as a young musician.  These musical memories join with so many others as we reflect upon the life Matt MichaelsPlease click here to read more about Matt.