While we release much of our music* through online stores & streaming services, we prefer to sell CDs. We’ve learned that many of our listeners like to own and hold a physical product…and along with the efforts we have put into that “product packaging,” there are other reasons why we’d like you to have CDs of our music.

The CD package allows us to provide you with more information, but also to communicate themes, ideas, and other important purposes involved with our musical release. Our CD “Bluetopia” is a good example of that (see kunaki page & use “Rotate Case” button to view the entire design).

In addition to a more “complete” visual presentation, we really like to provide you, our listeners, with information about the important collaborations in our work – especially from the great artists that join in our music-making.

Kunaki.com page for ALL CDs from dedoesmusic/Unknown Legacy Records (CLICK HERE) (opens new window)
Our music is also available on Amazon, Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and more.

For each album, our post for it contains links to some of the major online stores and streaming services. The icons below will take you to those pages:

"Bluetopia" - Steve DeDoes & the Helmholtz Project   "Outside The Lines" - Mattie DeDoes   "Standard Deviation" - Steve DeDoes + guest artists   a musical journey with Steve DeDoes   Steve DeDoes' "Projections"   "Christmas Air"

* We usually release our original pieces – songs and tracks – into the online universe. When we “cover” a tune, in reworking the arrangement & style, CD distribution of those recordings makes it easier for us to deal with royalty concerns for songs.
(Note: “Standard Deviation” is only available on CD at present.)

Again, we hope you’ll purchase any/all of our great CDs. But however you access our music — we truly hope that it provides you with many dimensions of enjoyment, and intriguing listening ! -S.D.