Musical Layers and Dimensions – from the piano, the mind, and the studio of Steve DeDoes. Intriguing instrumental inventions combine with creative vocal contributions…

A couple of poignant original songs feature vocal leads by renowned Detroit-area artists: “A World Unknown” (April Arabian-Tini), and “Frozen In Ice” (Emma Aboukasm). But these beautiful pieces are just part of this memorable collection; and just the beginning of the incredible arrangements and textures, “covers” and new works, that combine to create a broad and rich artistic statement.

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A diverse exploration of jazz creativity – along with some of the exquisite solo artistry of saxophonist Mattie DeDoes (of course !) – takes this album to its ultimate heights. Distinctive, yet incredibly accessible, “piano trio” arrangements of standards “The Shadow of Your Smile” and “There Will Never Be Another You” are simply tracks that you’ll replay again and again. A delicate solo piano rendition of “Nobody Does It Better” (the well-known “Bond” theme) sets up the jazz-funk toe-tapper “Hopped Up & Distracted“. Mattie’s blistering sax solo “takes this sucker home” !!

And then, a transcendent composition/arrangement – the “Jazz Fantasy on ‘What Are You Doing The Rest of Your Life ?’” explores entirely new ground in music and thought. This piece engineers a classic song staple (written by pianist/composer Michel Legrand) into a contemplative journey that elaborates on the title itself. Indeed – what ARE the horizons of life lived, and life yet to be lived ?

And, then a few other brief musical perspectives: a quick “Creative Frenzy“, the introspective solo piano piece “Moments For Reflection“, and a quintet swinger titled “The Bell Curve” round out a very satisfying visit for the listener…with the styles, the craft, the variety, and the intimacy of Steve DeDoes and his music.

Please find this album on your favorite digital platform; the links above take you to some of the major ones. We sincerely hope that you will revel in the listening experience you have, and the time you spend, with these “Intimate Notebooks”. S.D.

"I Plead The 4th" - 2023 single release by Steve DeDoes 2023 single also available in all digital stores
Steve DeDoes with the North Coast Horns !!!