Musical Colors on Display…start with piano, add strings & orchestra, and expand into “Infinite” possibilities…

Some jazz (of course !); but many creative subjects, directions, and purposes are reflected throughout these pieces. A pair of fanfares bookend these eight tracks: “Grand Entrance” wraps the grand piano with the full orchestra for a glorious opening; the “2022 Olympic Fanfare“(written to pay tribute to niece Madison Hubbell‘s Winter Olympic medals) closes the set in majestic triumph. A couple of memorable solo piano renditions are sure to delight DeDoes devotees: “When I Fall In Love” adds to the collection of classic song favorites that Steve has tackled beautifully in recent years; and his profound solo piano arrangement of “Ave Maria” is equally unforgettable. This inventive treatment of a liturgical standard (arranged and performed for a nephew’s wedding in 2022) breathes new life, and new dimensions, into Schubert’s staple.

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Three original DeDoes compositions, all that integrate the piano with orchestral textures in different ways, offer more artistic breadth to this collection. The short piece “A Growing Acceptance” was created quite recently as a “breakout” composition from some earlier work; the opening piano motif was employed as part of a score for an obscure film (“Growing Apart”) that DeDoes composed decades ago. Here, Steve makes an emotional, contemplative, and memorable musical statement. Two other works (the recently remastered “Computer Literate“, and the heartwarming track “Friend For Life“) simply provide, in their re-release here, great complements to this overall programme.

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And then, something quite different from the compositional palette of Steve DeDoes – “An ‘Infinite’ Chase (Through Alternate Universes)“. Based upon acclaimed/best-selling author Brian Freeman‘s 2021 novel “Infinite“, this piece of music depicts that story in so many ways. Indeed, Freeman himself was enthralled with the piece, saying, “it captures the spirit of ‘Infinite’ beautifully !” Wait ’til you hear this amalgam of rock, techno, and orchestral textures…

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Please find this album on your favorite digital platform; the links above take you to some of the major ones. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy the “Artistic License” taken herein, and that you give ALL of our music continued “good ear.” And, we always revel in hearing from our listeners – special joy occurs when listeners describe how something from us results in *layers* of enjoyment and understanding.

(at right: Steve in Barcelona, Spain (2023) with the Picasso painting ‘The Piano’) that serves as the cover art for this release)