October 19, 2011 – Back in the 90′s, Steve DeDoes composed and produced the theme music for a new radio program, “The Internet Advisor,” airing on massive radio voice WJR in Detroit.

Listen !(Click Here to hear Steve’s longtime “Internet Advisor” theme ! – opens new window)

This program is still on the air, fourteen years later, and is now entering syndication.  The theme track has been a staple of the show, with a recognizable “hook”that has become the musical signature for their audience.The Great Voice of the Great Lakes - Detroit, MI

And now, after recently “tweaking” the track for timing purposes, Steve and Mattie are producing a new version of this theme, one that they hope will propel hosts Foster Braun and Gary Baker into another successful decade on the air, and with an ever-expanding audience !

(link to “Internet Advisor” website – opens new window)

In addition, Mattie and Steve are expected to be guests on the program to unveil the new theme – possibly in late November.  Stay tuned !