In the fall of 2011, Steve DeDoes updated his original theme music for the radio program, “The WJR Internet Advisor.”  You can read more about this project, and the musical evolution that took place since the original theme was developed in 1998 (click here).

Now (March, 2012), hear a longer, thematic version of this track. The extended artistic improvisations of Mattie DeDoes on alto saxophone take you on a interesting ride…and the resulting sonic experience will put you on the “cutting edge” of musical expression !

2:40 Track performed by Mattie DeDoes (Alto Sax) & StrykNine

Our techno-funk ensemble is the studio entity, “StrykNine”.  Led by Steve DeDoes on keyboards, they serve as the rhythm machine for this driving funk composition.  Hear for yourself – click on any of the links below, including the “headphone” icon !

Listen !(Click Here to hear “Cutting Edge” – opens new window)

Composed by Steve DeDoes.

© 2012 S.DeDoes/Full Score & 7 Music.  All rights reserved.