(Note: this promotional language, and the publications that are presented as links below, were created November 2011 to publicize the basketball teams at Concordia University, Ann Arbor.  Steve also serves Concordia University as play-by-play and P.A. announcer for basketball and football.)


Attention:  to the media in Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, and all of Michigan

These days, there is a glut of sports information…from “inside stories” to statistical minutia, particularly about the “big boys.”

You have to pay attention to know when something different, and meaningful, unfolds.

In Ann Arbor, there is more happening in collegiate athletics than just what goes down at the U-M colossus.  Across town, Concordia University-Ann Arbor is about to tip off a memorable season, both for men’s and women’s basketball.

  • Both teams have conference championships in their sights.
  • Both teams target national crowns.
  • Both teams play an exciting, relentless, style of game.
  • And both teams have players worth watching.

Concordia University’s athletic department is proud to present two articles that can better acquaint you with our men’s and women’s basketball teams (both in .pdf format):

CU Men’s BB Preview 2011-12
CU Women’s BB Preview 2011-12

These articles will entertain you with the stories of our teams, but will also introduce you to some of the people, and the dynamics, associated with those squads.

  • Both teams deserve your attention.
  • Both teams deserve your “ink,” or your “air time.
  • Both teams have interesting, compelling personalities and story lines.

And, BOTH TEAMS are going for it all in 2011-12 !!

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