NOTE: “Christmas Air” is only available in its entirety as a compact disc. A subset of tracks, previously available through Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, and other download/streaming services, has been taken down and is not available at this time.

Christmas Air
more info about the 2018 CD re-release

“After I first heard this music (in 1998), I immediately purchased a couple of cases of CDs. Then, and over the years, I have been proud to give out copies to my friends and business associates. ‘Christmas Air’ is such a great holiday statement from our state…I’m excited, once again, to be able to give this as a gift!”

Mike Rosko
President, Rosko & Associates (a Michigan business since 1989)

to order CDs of “Christmas Air” from (See notes below)

“Our family, and our circle of friends, includes so many musicians and professional music teachers. We’ve made a point to give ‘Christmas Air’ as a heartfelt gift to them, and to everyone we know. This CD expresses the holidays as we feel them; full of great music of all styles, but all arranged and put together in a way that is truly meaningful. Every year, we love the jazz, the brass, the voices, and the entire musical journey.”

David (& Jean) Wolter
40-year+ music educator (MSBOA Emeritus), and 40-year+ director of the Saline Big Band

The Kunaki website is our provided mechanism for making our CD available. When you place an order with Kunaki, the disc duplication, printing, assembly, and packaging occurs ON DEMAND. Once your copy, or copies, are generated – then your order is shipped according to the option you select.

Since releasing our “Christmas Air” product with Kunaki, we proceeded to make all of our CDs available through this outstanding service. We have been extremely pleased with their quality, delivery, and their value. We trust that you will be please as well – we welcome your feedback. Here are some notes:

  • PLEASE – let us know – if anything went wrong with your Kunaki order (or when using other services, for other tracks & albums). We want to ensure that ALL of our listeners get to enjoy our great musical products. We are extremely confident that if “Christmas Air” finds its way to you, that this album will instantly become a favorite of yours.
  • “Turnaround time” is a function of manufacturing time and shipping time. Our experience (from a wide range of orders) is that manufacturing only takes a day or two.
  • Selecting the cheapest (i.e., USPS) service also is, of course, the SLOWEST. When we ordered a disc this way, it took an additional week to arrive AFTER it was manufactured. UPS Ground took a couple of business days but is, naturally, more expensive.
  • With “Christmas Air” in particular, but with all of our products, we’ve regularly negotiated favorable pricing for larger quantities – both for retailers, and especially for individuals and companies that wish to give copies as gifts. If you contact us, we would be happy to negotiate a price favorable to you – for less than the 10.99 retail price – and generate the specific order with Kunaki where the discs are shipped directly to you.

Again – thank you for your interest in, and patronage of, our “Christmas Air” CD release !!