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From a confluence of parallel lifetimes across a broad career in live & recorded music, Steve DeDoes truly has an Unknown Legacy of important artistry.

Recent years have seen him release a number of new albums, showcasing new songs, compositions, and arrangements. In addition, these new releases also present significant material from his past body of work.

(this all needs work…but here’s a quick rundown)

Discography: Unknown Legacy Records

  • Still A Player (2021) – Steve DeDoes
  • Beyond (2020) – Steve DeDoes & the Helmholtz Project
  • Standard Deviation (2019) – Steve DeDoes (with guest artists)
  • Bluetopia (2019) – Steve DeDoes & the Helmholtz Project
  • Outside The Lines (2018) – Mattie DeDoes, featured artist
  • A Planetary Trip…and Back To Earth (2018) – Steve DeDoes
  • Projections (2017) – re-release of 1996 album, S.DeDoes
  • Christmas Air (2017) – updated re-release of “Michigan Christmas Air” (many artists)

Discography: Other Publishers/Releases

  • “Hitting Your Mark” (2002) – Move & Learn Educational Products
  • “Galaxy Magic” (2001) – Move & Learn Educational Products
  • “The SPIN on the Whole Planet” (2000) – Steve DeDoes Music Productions/TerraViva!
  • “Michigan Christmas Air” (1998) – Steve DeDoes Music Productions/American Lung Association (many artists)
  • “Corporate Projections” (1995) – S.DeDoes, composer; Gene Michael Productions (music library)
  • “Origins” – Kerstin Allvin, featured artist (1988); Dogwood Productions (Billboard Charts – #5 U.S.)

Theatrical Highlights: musical direction, original music

  • Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, nat’l tour – keyboards, then music direction, etc.
  • Second City (Detroit) – pianist/music director
  • Purple Rose Theatre Co – “Possessed” (Mus.Dir.), “The Vast Difference” (original score & sound design)
  • other – Meadowbrook Theatre Flint Youth Theatre; U-D; “Beehive” nat’l tour; GEM Theatre; ?; community productions, etc. ?
  • conductor/music director for light opera (COG productions of Offenbach, Robinson Crusoe & Grand Duchess) – conductor photo ?

Live Music

  • Motor City Beat
  • North Coast Horns
  • performed with: Mel Torme, D.Osmond, J.Benson, M.Reeves, C.Mangione, A.Copland, Chenilles (tour); more
  • comedy: Second City, Lea Delaria, …
  • performed at: Ravinia Festival (Chicago); Meadowbrook Festival; Detroit Jazz Festival; Flint Jazz Festival;
  • featured guest artist: S’Cool Jazz (Schoolcraft College), Plymouth Comm. Chorus
  • Roostertail Club, Cobo Center, other major galas (?) – there’s more of this…gotta remember, identify, etc.

Film Work:

  • Project: GoldPan – complete U.S. Air Force production by S.D. Music
  • Stan Musial video tribute (2013) – arrangement/production of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” (with Mattie DeDoes), Cooperstown, etc.
  • Lack of Appeal (2013) – inst. theme, score
  • Growing Apart (1995) – inst. theme, score
  • A Triumph of The Mind – intro/theme for commercial film (what was that company ?)

Other Theme Music:

  • Decision ’96 (NPR theme)
  • Magic in the Night (Doug Henning Magic Show)
  • Int.Advisor Theme (WJR/national syndication), used 1996-.

Wayne State Univ. – guest lecturer 1997
Oakland Univ. – faculty, 1999-2000
Eastern Michigan Univ. – artist-in-residence, 199
WCC – teaching faculty, 2003-2011: music theory & arranging
private students, piano/composition/arranging

Oakland Univ.
Matt Michaels

Major Influences
M.Michaels, D.Sebesky, Q.Jones, D.Grusin, B.James, Chicago, D.Fagan