DeDoes Continues to Takes a Page from Picasso…Presenting his Range of Styles, Including Some New Ones –

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“Steve: (I was able) to listen to at least one of your new pieces – ‘A Growing Acceptance.’ Will I embarrass you if I say I cried, after listening to it a couple of times ?? It’s so emotive and has a perfect ‘texture.’ The concluding silence at the end is as heartfelt and moving as the piece itself ! ”
Kathryn Talalay – Author of the acclaimed book, Composition in Black and White (a New York Times Notable Book of the Year)
(you’ve just GOT to know about this book, written by a good friend and valuable listener. We highly recommend it…click here for Amazon link)

“I just LOVE this music ! Your ‘Infinite Chase Through Alternate Universes’ …captures the story and spirit of my book ‘INFINITE’ beautifully ! I’d like to share this with a screenwriter who’s working on the film adaptation of the book. I figure it might give him some great inspiration ! If this ever becomes a film, I hope that you can score the music… ?! “
Brian Freeman – Prolific New York Times Bestselling Author
(Brian has published so many successful stories and series – “Infinite” is a favorite. Click here to go to Brian’s website, learn about his many projects, including novels in the Jason Bourne series !)

Album Tracklist:

  1. Grand Entrance” S.DeDoes (1:09) – Piano with Orchestra.
    piano fanfare originally composed for my sister Marcy’s wedding in 1990; orchestral accompaniment written and recorded in 2021.
  2. Friend For Life” S.DeDoes (4:01) – Piano with Orchestra & Quartet; featuring Chris Collins, soprano saxophone soloist.
  3. When I Fall In Love” V.Young/E.Heyman (5:32) – Solo Piano arrangement/performance by Steve DeDoes, 2023.
  4. Computer Literate” S.DeDoes (4:36) – Piano with Orchestra; featuring Chris Collins, saxophone solos.
    2021 remastering by Eric Wojahn, Solid Sound Studios; this piece has been released previously, and is also alternately titled “Game Change” in some digital incarnations.
  5. Ave Maria” F.Schubert (3:44) – Solo Piano arrangement/performance by Steve DeDoes.
    arranged for the wedding of Christian Bourdo (my nephew) and Brianna Grimmett – originally performed for their occasion in November 2022.
  6. An ‘Infinite’ Chase Through Alternate Universes” S.DeDoes (6:00) – a Rock/Techno/Orchestral Journey; featuring Singe, solo guitar.
    a thematic soundtrack based upon author Brian Freeman’s 2021 sci-fi/thriller novel, “Infinite”.
  7. A Growing Acceptance” S.DeDoes (2:16) – Piano with String Orchestra.
    dedicated to Charlea T. McNeal, in tribute to her intellect & intuition, passion and perception.
  8. 2022 Olympic Fanfare – a Tribute to Collective Endeavor” S.DeDoes (2:04) – Piano with String Orchestra; featuring Keith Stevens, trumpet & trombone.
    composed during the 2022 Winter Olympics, to commemorate Madison Hubbell’s (my niece) incredible triumphs as she culminated her long career with two Olympic medals in figure skating. The components of this piece directly connote many people who were a part of her achievements; here is a link to more about that story: (click here to read a post that describes more).

The Unique “CHASE” Track: a detailed look (link)

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