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Mattie DeDoes – Outside The Lines (2018)

"Outside The Lines" - Mattie DeDoes

Take in the spectrum of Mattie (Mattias) DeDoes’ saxophone – in collaboration with his father. Original instrumentals “Slow Burn” and “Overdrive” are the opening innings in a complete-game performance by the former collegiate pitcher, and you’ll hear a wide range of Mattie’s artistry across not only jazz styles, but also classical, hip-hop, & techno-jazz.

“…If you ever get a chance to hear Mattie DeDoes play his sax – TAKE IT. You’ll be amazed, as I was.”
Mike Larson, Ann Arbor Journal

Bluetopia (2018)

"Bluetopia" - Steve DeDoes & the Helmholtz Project



A Special Single Release: “Lullabye For Lisa”, from Bluetopia

"Bluetopia" - Steve DeDoes & the Helmholtz Project

A musical love letter. The layers of this song – the transparencies, the complexities…all culminate in a statement of pure intimacy. The “space between the notes” (a Debussy quote) is part of the great performance, as Steve’s quartet (with saxophonist Pete Kahn, bassist David Stearns, and percussionist David Taylor) works improvisational magic with this beautiful ballad. This song, and this careful rendering of it, wonderfully convey the intangibles that occur over a lifelong relationship.

“This is a MASTERPIECE !”
John E. Smith, jazz & classical artist (trumpet), musicologist, and college music educator

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Until recently, you could order CDs directly from our manufacturer (Kunaki). At present, we don’t have a customer interface for that service. Please get in touch with us if you would like CDs – we’d be happy to do whatever it takes to accommodate you, as people who listen to CDs are some of our best listeners !