Important Political Work by Steve DeDoes,
including the brand-new 2020 song,
“Sidin’ With Biden” (below) – & also “The Wreck of the Detroit Election” (click here)

© ℗ 2020 S.DeDoes / Full Score & 7 Music, Inc.

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After quickly creating this song, and a quality production of it, we are currently in the process of rapidly determining how best to distribute and circulate this idea. We feel strongly that it can provide SERIOUS HELP to the Biden/Harris campaign in the remaining weeks before the election. If you know of key individuals/organizations who would be “instrumental” (!) in this effort, PLEASE CONTACT US immediately. We need help in building connections for “Sidin’ With Biden,” along with having listeners simply enjoy the song.

Our social media involvement is, to be honest, quite limited. We don’t spend a lot of time & effort to court “trivial listenership” for our music, as we have learned that our dedicated listeners do not prioritize those avenues for their listening experience. However, THIS SONG is a different avenue. Please help us spread the word – through your Facebook, Instagram, and other involvements…we’ll be doing this as well.

A KEY CREDIT – this song segues into another “anthem” of sorts, utilizing a hit song from 1969 (“Take A Letter, Maria” by R.B. Greaves – he performed & wrote the tune). We will be obtaining proper licensing rights as we distribute this song, and we will also ensure that this artist is always accorded appropriate credit.

That “tag” – using the riffs of “Take a Letter” – could serve as a rousing chorus for a crowd to join in singing. Not only do we delight in imagining that happening, we also would enjoy hearing some gospel-style vocalist providing a captivating sound on the lead vocal. The composer-producer certainly doesn’t considering THIS to be the definitive vocal performance !

We sincerely hope you ENJOY THIS ! We’re excited and hopeful that we can provide Joe & Kamala some significant musical help in the coming campaign…


December 1, 2020 – “The Wreck of the Detroit Election.”
A song parody by Steve DeDoes Music Productions – about the political goings-on in Michigan throughout 2020, riffing on the Gordon Lightfoot pop chestnut “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.” (see video below || click here for more info)

video using “Fantasia on the Star-Spangled Banner” (dedoesmusic post)
The signs of WWJDemocracy (Instagram site – new window)