While we can’t help but be pessimistic about the present, and in particular, our societal and political capabilities for addressing the critical issues of carbon emissions and sustainability, we also know that we must resonate hope and concern for the future.

Back in 2001, ISCIENCES, L.L.C. and Steve DeDoes Music Productions teamed up on some unusual multimedia initiatives.  With the release of their TerraViva! digital earth products (“The Power To Know Your World”), ISCIENCES presented new ways to present and correlate socio-scientific data with map-based imagery and visual displays.

One entertaining component of this important product release was the original music provided by Steve DeDoes.  As a the opening song in a music CD package, and as the theme for the TerraViva! software, DeDoes composed and produced the track, “(The More I) Need To Know”.  Featuring a stellar lead vocal by renowned soloist April Tini, joined by a young people’s chorus – the “Future Voices of Change” – the resulting theme is a heartwarming tune that strikes a resonant chord about the future:

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Today – with climate change becoming such a critical focus for the Earth’s future, and the future of mankind – DeDoes Music is proud to offer up this song as an anthem to help in the challenge of increased public awareness.  As it becomes more and more critical to disseminate, amplify, and clarify the message about climate and sustainability, it is our hope that this song can become part of the growing choir for change and modifications to our society.  We join with movements like 350.org in the effort to work toward a better tomorrow.

The lyrics to “(The More I) Need To Know” say it better than can be stated in prose.  Please enjoy the words, and the music !!!   -S.DeDoes

“(The More I) Need To Know” – sung by April Tini with the Future Voices of Change.  Composed/Produced Steve DeDoes, 2001.  All Rights Reserved.

Song Lyrics:

I would like to know
The reasons why
The seasons change, as time goes by
And I need to see the places I can go

‘Cause the more I know
The more it seems
That bigger things are in my dreams
And the more that I dream, the more I need to know

If we take a look around, and believe in what we see
We can make a better world, because it’s home to you and me

‘Cause the more I know
The more it seems
There’s more to life than I first believed
And the more I believe – the more I need to know

(Instrumental break)

If we keep on finding out, and believe in what we see
There might be a better world to be passed along to me

‘Cause the more I know
And the more you teach
The whole wide world’s within my reach
And the more that I reach, the more that I can be

copyright 2001, 2016 S.DeDoes / Full Score & 7 Music, Inc.
all rights reserved.

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