vocalist April Arabian-Tini
vocalist April Arabian-Tini

This list is comprised of songs produced by Steve DeDoes that feature April Arabian-Tini on a lead vocal.  Links are provided to hear the tracks (via YouTube; the songs are also available on all major streaming platforms & digital distribution):

  • (The More I) Need To Know” (2002) – part of a promotional campaign for TerraViva!/ISCIENCES, this song also presents an ad-hoc childrens’ chorus “The Future Voices of Change” singing with April.  (YouTube link)
  • UnSure” (vocal recorded 2003, recording produced & released in 2018) – vocal duet with Steve DeDoes; this song was composed in 1999 for the stage show, “Digital Domain”.  While this poignant, modern ballad served as a critical component to that live show, no recording existed from its 1999 run.  Steve, wanting to have a recording of this unusual duet, teamed with April to cut the vocal tracks in a demo years ago; those tracks lay dormant until a full instrumental arrangement was produced more recently. (YouTube link)
  • A World Unknown” (2022) – featured original song in Steve DeDoes’ 2023 album release, “Intimate Notebooks”.  (YouTube link)
  • In addition to the above original songs, April was also responsible for a terrific lead vocal in a memorable production – Steve DeDoes’ arrangement of “Hurray For Christmas“.  This great holiday song was originally composed by the legendary Don Sebesky, who graciously supported Steve’s rework of this tune in so many ways.  “Hurray For Christmas”, and April’s performance, were part of Steve’s acclaimed CD “Michigan Christmas Air”, released by the American Lung Association in 1998 *.  (YouTube link to “Hurray For Christmas”)

We hope that you enjoy this collection of highlights featuring April Arabian-Tini.  She always has been, and continues to be, a valuable and distinctive voice in the musical directions of Steve DeDoes.  In addition, April is a beloved friend – as well as an important collaborator and contributor.  Please continue to enjoy April’ singing, and our music, through any digital avenue that you utilize !  S.D.

* We’ve updated and re-released our “Christmas Air” music in recent years, on CD. To date, we’ve not been able to make the entire album available through streaming services because of copyright issues. If you’re interested in getting a CD of this product, which has so proudly “stood the test of time” – please get in touch with us !

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