New Release Presents Great Arrangements of Songs You Know

12 Tracks now available, on those and other streaming sites…
Track List for this streaming only release:

  • “Morning Dance” (Spyro Gyra) – pop-jazz classic, in an updated, funkier style
  • “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” (Frankie Valli) – new dimensions to this classic favorite
  • “Happy” (instrumental version of Pharrell Williams’ tune) – here turned into so much more !
  • “Something Got Me Started” (Simply Red) – latin, horn-laced rework will GET YOU STARTED, too –
  • “When Sunny Gets Blue” – jazz standard) – and this bossa-style quartet version will draw you in
  • “Almost Like Being In Love” – catchy swing version of the standard song, with memorable solos
  • “Smooth Operator” (instrumental remake of Sade song) – Mattie DeDoes does a slow burn with this
  • “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head” – another unforgettable swing classic, sung with a small big band
  • “Lazy Afternoon” – jazz ballad, performed here as an intimate piano/flugelhorn duet
  • “Everything’s Alright” (from Jesus Christ, Superstar) – a great reimagining for jazz sextet
  • “Over The Rainbow” – contemporary, ethereal realization of a classic standard
  • “Oops, I Did It Again” – NOT Britney Spears !…horn-fired, groovin’ take on a hit song


Steve DeDoes has composed, produced, and published hundreds of original songs.  Many of these can be enjoyed across his previous releases (nine, and counting !) of CDs and albums. Across this website, we try to provide links so that you can find products our across major streaming and download services. On many of the CD versions of our previous products, we’ve published a number of “covers” – distinctive arrangements of songs made famous by other artists.

To order all Compact Discs by Steve DeDoes: ordering page for ALL CDs from dedoesmusic/Unknown Legacy Records (opens new window)

Unique arrangements of existing song material is another important part of Steve’s musical legacy.  In some of his previous CD releases, fans and listeners have enjoyed a number of these inventive “covers”; now, the release of this collection through Spotify, YouTube, and other streaming avenues makes them available in new ways.

“Something Got Me Started” presents a roster of songs that come from a place of inspiration.  We hope that you will truly enjoy these reimaginigs of recognizable and classic tunes, from the worlds of pop, rock, and jazz.

As one of our devoted listeners said, upon enjoying these exciting new versions –
It’s like I’m hearing each of these great tunes FOR THE FIRST TIME !!”