“Steve’s music was clever, inventive, and very funny.  Without a word from me, he understood what I was trying to do.  Then, he made it better.”
Jeff Daniels
acclaimed playwright, and star of stage and screen
referring to his collaboration with Steve DeDoes on his stage production “The Vast Difference”

“The theme music that Steve created for ‘The Internet Advisor’ has helped us stay on the air for over 15 years. Steve (and Mattie) have now given us the soundtrack for our future. And as a guest on our show, Steve is always wonderfully informative, entertaining, and engaging.”
Foster Braun
Program Host, “Internet Advisor” – long-running syndicated program on WJR Radio

for Steve DeDoes, as producer:

“As producer for our GoldPan film presentation, Steve created a hard-hitting piece that is remembered by all who see it.  Through his efforts, and a unique combination of original music, narrative, and ‘on-location’ video, we were able to excite our audience with the story of our project and its accomplishments.

“Steve was able to keep us focused upon the basics.  Faced with verbiage and technical detail, he helped us to refine our message and to ensure that it was delivered to our audience with maximum emphasis.  I have recommended Steve DeDoes to others, and he would be our first choice for producing future presentations.”
Ronald A. Lambert (USAF ret.)
Program Manager for USAF Gold Pan project

“We were unable to conceptualize a radio advertisement for our production. Steve wrote and produced a one-minute spot that summarized the play, hooked listeners’ attention, and got people ‘in the door’ for us !”
Peter Bellanca
Executive Producer, The Little GEM Theatre / Detroit Actors’ Guild

for Steve DeDoes, as on-air talent:

click here for statements about Steve DeDoes as a sports announcer (play-by-play) and program guest

for Steve DeDoes’ CD “Michigan Christmas Air”

“I enjoyed ‘Michigan Christmas Air‘ … and found it to be unique and delightful. Very high class.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Steve DeDoes in the studio. As a producer, Steve is able to get the very best from his collaborators.”
(the late) Ernie Harwell
legendary voice of the Detroit Tigers

click here for an overview of media reviews, and testimonials for this one-of-a-kind holiday CD – from listeners, supporters, performers, and more !

for Mattie DeDoes:

“If you ever get a chance to hear Mattie DeDoes play his sax – TAKE IT.  You’ll be amazed.”
Mike Larson
Ann Arbor Journal

“Mattie DeDoes absolutely brought down the house at our Flint Concert Series !”
Cathy E. Johnson
Program Director, Greater Flint Arts Council