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"The Bling is the Thing" - click to see it better !

“Ace M.D.” is the rapper on this track.  He is otherwise known as Mattie DeDoes, pitching ace of Oberlin College‘s baseball team and member of the 2012 Lorain County Ironmen of the Prospect League.  Mattie’s pictured at right wearing the World Series ring of his good friend Mike Cervenak (member of the 2008 champion Phillies).

Of course, Mattie is also a prominent recording artist on the alto saxophone.  In his composition “Never Givin’ Up (Go Yeo)”, Mattie pays tribute to all the athletes at Oberlin College–and shouts out the vibes of being a college athlete.

M.D. States It, then Plays It

The ensemble “StrykNine” lays down the groove here for Mattie to express himself — both in words and in musical line.  “NGU-GY” is an incredible fusion of jazz, hip-hop poetry, and funk…coming from the heart of a college athlete who comes from a unique place.  Enjoy Mattie’s clever raps–as well as a scintillating horn solo !  You’ll listen to this again and again.

Listen !(Click Here to hear “Never Givin’ Up (Go Yeo)” ! – opens new window)

Composed by Mattie DeDoes; music by Steve DeDoes.

© 2012 M.DeDoes/Full Score & 7 Music.  All rights reserved.

Mattie DeDoes (sax); Unknown Legacy (band)
Mattie D - Makin' Noise for Yeo Athletics

* Additional Notes:  Along with this production, Mattie and Steve DeDoes also co-composed a new fight song for Oberlin.  Titled “Oberlin Fanfare,” it joins with “Never Givin’ Up” to make a proud statement for OC athletics.

The school expects to employ both these songs to help enhance and build the image of the athletic teams at the venerable institution.  Stay tuned for more information about this, along with future recordings of the “Oberlin Fanfare” !