February, 2017: the “Helmholtz Project” recording sessions continue

This time, it’s a very special song…and a very special recording session to realize a piece I composed many years ago:  “Lullabye For Lisa,” written for, of course, my beloved wife Lisa.

In this short video, you’ll hear the first minute or so of a piece of which I’m very proud.  I can’t wait to have people hear the whole thing, eventually –

As Debussy once said, “Music is the space between the notes.”  This piece is a great example of that, as it uses the space within the basic beat in varying ways, while working off of a simple, delicate melody.

It also reflects how I feel about Lisa.  For those that know her, she is more than just what is visibly apparent…and it is the space between the tangible aspects of our life together that means the most.  As I release the full recording in the future, I want this to not only be a tribute to my spouse, but also to serve as an artistic statement about what people can truly mean to each other.

I’m happy to finally have a definitive recording of a tune that I originally composed over twenty years ago.  Thanks to my collaborators on this recording:  Pete Kahn (soprano sax), David Stearns (bass), and David Taylor (drums).  Great and sensitive playing by these fine musicians.  Thanks, too, to my friend Dave Wolter, for his musical perspectives and for serving as “assistant producer” on this session.

The “Helmholtz Project” – and the large collection of music, “Songs For A Blue Planet” – continues onward.  I’ll be raising funds for future post-production soon…