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all recordings and original by Steve DeDoes; © S.DeDoes/Full Score & 7 Music, Inc. (BMI). All rights reserved.

Our “Top 5”:  a comprehensive variety of original music

(Note:  YouTube/info links open new tabs)

  • Pickup Game” – in-your-face rock tune/theme (with male vocal), originally produced for & utilized by Gus Macker Basketball  (YouTube link)
  • Detroit Strut” – sophisticated jazz-funk instrumental (link to info post  ||  YouTube link)
  • Frozen In Ice” – female vocal, poignant contemporary ballad  (YouTube link)
  • Friend For Life” – warm, reassuring piano/orchestra/sop.sax instrumental  (YouTube link)
  • (The More I) Need To Know” – theme for TerraViva! information products, a timeless statement about knowledge and values that utilizes female lead/children’s chorus (link to info post  ||  YouTube link)
Steve DeDoes, at the piano

(Note – we created the list above for submission to *one particular company*; we provide more material below, organized by type & genre.  We’ll continue to develop and refine this list, and provide direct links to more tracks:

Original Songs with vocal (pop/rock)

(On Some) Blue Planet
For A While

Original Songs:  Unique Subjects / Broadcast / Themes, etc.

  • Cutting Edge” (techno-jazz). Version of this track were also used as the theme music for the syndicated radio program “The WJR Internet Advisor” for 20+ years.  (YouTube link)
  • Fanfare for a Common Destiny” – used as theme for WEMU/NPR program “Decision ’96”  (YouTube link)
  • I Will Remember You” – a poignant, emotional ballad about the loss of a loved one.  (YouTube link)
  • Magic In The Night” – theme song for Doug Henning Magic Show  (YouTube link).  *NOTE: this song also won a Billboard songwriting award.
  • Michigan Christmas Air” – theme/title track for the critically-acclaimed 1998 album, a joint release with the American Lung Association.  (link to info post  ||  YouTube link)
  • Pickup Game” – rock tune/theme, originally produced for & utilized by Gus Macker Basketball  (YouTube link)
  • You Don’t Need Any Talent” – with the cast & ensemble of the Attic Theatre’s 1994 production of “Angry Housewives.”  Musical Director Steve DeDoes wrote this comedic song, pulling out concepts and highlights from the show, as a closing number.  (internal link)
  • 2 B Online” – opening number for the 1999 stage show “Digital Domain”  (YouTube link)

mentioned above in our “Top 5” –

  • Pickup Game” – theme for Gus Macker Basketball   (YouTube link)
  • (The More I) Need To Know” – theme for TerraViva! information products  (YouTube link)

previous WJR Int. Advisor versions
The Genie Will Know – for Microsoft “Genie” avatar

Solo Piano

  • The Way It’s Supposed To Be” – original, introspective song  (YouTube link)
  • When I Fall In Love” (excerpt) – improvisation on a classic ballad  (internal link)

A Moment of Your Time
A Place I’ve Never Been

Jazz Originals (Instrumental) – a sampling of diverse styles

  • Cutting Edge” (techno-jazz).  The most recent, and extended version of this track used as the theme music for the syndicated radio program “The WJR Internet Advisor”  (YouTube link)
  • Detroit Strut” – dynamic jazz-funk instrumental composition (link to info post  ||  YouTube link)
  • Lullabye For Lisa” – this lovely quartet ballad is personal…a very emotional and sophisticated expression about my beloved spouse.  (YouTube link)
  • Overdrive” – co-written w/ saxophonist Mattie DeDoes; driving jazz-rock.  (YouTube link)
  • Phases” – co-written w/ harpist K.Allvin;  Billboard #5, 1989   (YouTube link)
  • Slow Burn” – smooth, smoky sax and synth solos take an inviting melody and groove even further.   (YouTube link)
  • They’ll Never Find Me Here” – a bouncy Latin/Calypso; a distinct steel drum melody featuring a great improv flute solo.  (YouTube link)

Pace of the Peloton (modern, fusion)
The Bell Curve / LFTM :30
Turn Twelve
(more …)

Distinctive Recordings of Jazz Standards – with vocal

  • BallGame Swing” (Take Me Out To The Ballgame) – dixieland jazz by “StrongArm Satch & the All-Stars of Swing”  (YouTube link)
  • Come Take a Trip on my Airship” – hit waltz from the early 1900’s, delightfully updated and cleverly arranged for the 2000’s.  Female Vocal w/ children’s voices.  (YouTube link)

Almost Like Being In Love
Am I Blue
(I Love You For) Sentimental Reasons

Distinctive Recordings of Jazz Standards – Instrumental

  • S.G.B.” (Sweet Georgia Brown) – latin jazz-funk arrangement of a classic (YouTube link)

April In Paris (small big-band)
Corner Pocket (small big-band)
Jersey Bounce (small big-band)
Lazy Afternoon
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
When Sunny Gets Blue
(many more…)

Distinctive Arrangements of Pop “Covers” – with vocal

  • Ain’t That A Kick In The Head” (in big-band style) – (internal link)

other horn-fired arrangements

Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You
Oops, I Did It Again
Something Got Me Started

*NOTE: please contact us at DeDoes Music if you’d like to request to hear any of our distinctive versions of the many “cover” tunes we’ve arranged & produced.  We obtain mechanical licenses for CD distribution of these recordings; while we hope to license them for Internet-based distribution in the future, we are careful not to distribute our catalogue of “cover songs” in ways that we have not procured license for.  We are happy to provide specific, contained access – or send CDs – for music professionals to hear and evaluate this exciting material !  It’s some of our *best stuff* !!

Pop “Covers” – instrumental

  • Pick Up The Pieces” (excerpt) – featuring Mattie DeDoes & the North Coast Horns  (internal link)

Everything’s Alright (Jazz Sextet)
Smooth Operator
Takin’ It To The Streets


  • Coming Soon” – show-style, catchy ‘two-step’ theme for piano w/ orchestra.  A straightforward ‘show-stopper,’ with dramatic tempo changes, builds, climaxes.  Even has a comedic quality.   (YouTube link)
  • Computer Literate” – pulsing, modern theme with searing sax solos.  (YouTube link)
  • Corporate Takeover” – aggressive, richly-orchestrated.  (YouTube link)
  • Friend For Life” – warm, reassuring piano/orchestra/sop.sax instrumental.  Listed above in our “Top 5”  (YouTube link)
  • Fanfare for a Common Destiny” – strong, classic melodic statement, was used as introductory theme for WEMU/NPR program “Decision ’96”  (YouTube link)

Beyond The Horizon


  • They’ll Never Find Me Here” – Latin/Calypso.  As the title suggests, this music conveys a sense of “being on vacation.”   (YouTube link)

A Planetary Trip – and Back To Earth” – one of our very unique past projects was a set of CDs for the Dallas-based company Move&Learn.  They commissioned Steve DeDoes to compose and produce volumes of new & original music designed to work successfully in movement education curricula.  “Galaxy Magic” was one of these CDs, with music that communicated concepts about astronomy and science while also connecting with physical movement.  The “Planetary Trip” was a cleverly-constructed set of instrumental tracks, one for each body in the solar system.  Enjoy how these modern beats compel you to move – but for music expert – how they also reference some textural and melodic ideas from Gustav Holst’s “The Planets” ! (Note: these tracks are presently NOT AVAILABLE on YouTube. Apologies…we’ll see if we can create access to these soon.)

  1. “Heliocentric Fanfare – Acceleration To Mercury”  (YouTube link)
  2. “Trapped Heat On Venus”  (YouTube link)
  3. “The Earth Is Home”  (YouTube link)
  4. “Red Planet Techno” (Mars)  (YouTube link)
  5. “The Gravity of Jupiter”  (YouTube link)
  6. “Traversing the Rings of Saturn”  (YouTube link)
  7. “Dodgeball With Uranus’ Moons”  (YouTube link)
  8. “Neptune Mysteries”  (YouTube link)
  9. “Beyond Pluto, Beyond Holst”  (YouTube link)

Film Music – taken from soundtracks

  • Moments To Consider” – from “Lack of Appeal”  (YouTube link)
  • Nowhere To Hide” – intro & theme from U.S. Air Force film “Project: GoldPan”  (YouTube link)
  • Variations on Brahms’ Lullabye” – from “Growing Apart”  (YouTube link)

Christmas Music

  • The Bells of Modern Times” (based upon “Carol of the Bells”) – from the acclaimed CD “Christmas Air”  (YouTube link)
  • Hurray For Christmas” – a little-known Christmas gem by Don Sebesky, arranged here as a great jazz expression for the holidays  (YouTube link)
  • Michigan Christmas Air” – this unforgettable gospel-fired anthem was the theme for the critically-acclaimed 1998 album of the same name, a joint release with the American Lung Association  (link to info post  ||  YouTube link).  This song gets performed live almost every year as a meaningful expression about the holidays in Michigan, “a place (we) call home” !
  • We Wish You A Merry Christmas” – for brass quintet  (internal link)

S.D. Original – Michigan Christmas Air, The Air at Christmas
Public Domain – Go Tell It, Silent Night, O Holy Night, …
“Covers” – Chestnuts, Let It Snow, I’ll Be Home, Christmas Time Is Here, Winter Wonderland

Other, Novelties

Star-Spangled Banner
Fantasia on the Star-Spangled Banner
“Arm In Arm” music