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Track Samples: from Recorded Products

Christmas Air
more info about the 2018 CD re-release

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A couple of examples of the incredible range of musical expressions, and styles, throughout the album, “Christmas Air”. These clips only give you a small sampling of the musical joys, and the journeys, that are inherent in these songs and across the entire CD:

“Michigan Christmas Air” (excerpt), by Steve DeDoes, with SO many others, including the Flint Northwest Community Gospel Choir. Solo vocalists heard here (in order): Odelia Dunlap, Ange Smith, Jeffry Moore, & Susie Taylor.

© 1998, 2018 S.DeDoes/Full Score & 7 Music. All rights reserved.

“Hurray For Christmas” (excerpt), a jazzy arrangement of a great and yet lesser-known song by legendary composer/arranger Don Sebesky. Lead vocal by April Tini; backup vocals by Kristen Ryan, Sue Fazzini, and David Fazzini (representing the “Bricktown Quartet”)

© 1998, 2018 S.DeDoes/Full Score & 7 Music. All rights reserved. The song “Hurray For Christmas” is by Don Sebesky/Cymbaline Music, Inc.

more info about Steve DeDoes’ 2018 album “Bluetopia”

“Bluetopia” – by Steve DeDoes & the Helmholtz Project. Released in 2018, this album is something special from the pen, the fingers, the voice, and the mind of Steve DeDoes …  and the “Helmholtz Project” represents an entirely new creative direction, along with a set of important collaborations.

Available through Amazon, Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, and other stores & streaming services.

“(On Some) Blue Planet” (excerpt), by Steve DeDoes. This recording also features outstanding horn work by Mattie DeDoes, and playing by the North Coast Horns section..

© 2018 S.DeDoes/Full Score & 7 Music. All rights reserved.

more info about Mattie DeDoes’ album “Outside The Lines”

Mattie DeDoes’ album “Outside The Lines” (2018) keeps winning new fans…with an ear-catching variety of original material, designed (jazz, funk, pop, rock, hip-hop, chamber music, and electronic textures). You’ll hear something that you’ll connect to immediately…and then, you’ll find yourself “tappin’ out” to the rest of this great album !

Available through Amazon, Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, and other stores & streaming services

“Slow Burn” (excerpt), featuring Mattias DeDoes (lead alto).

© 2018 S.DeDoes/Full Score & 7 Music. All rights reserved.

Here are some more samples of the music of Steve DeDoes, from the studio as well as live performance.  Links to audio and video are provided; rolling over the link will provide additional details along with the information you see below.

All music composed and arranged by Steve DeDoes except where other songwriters are credited.

Music Examples:  various Audio Clips

  • Fanfare for the Common Market” – orchestral piece used as theme for NPR radio program “Decision ’96”.  (1:00)
  • Lack Of Appeal” trailer music – “credits” cue from the film “Lack Of Appeal.”  Film written & directed by Will Chodos; original score by Steve DeDoes.  Alto sax solos by Mattie DeDoes.  (0:44
  • Morning Dance” (Beckenstein) – piano solo excerpt.  Steve DeDoes, piano.  Funky cover of Spyro Gyra’s biggest hit.  (0:49)
  • WJR Internet Advisor” – theme music for the syndicated radio program.  Featuring alto sax solo by Mattie DeDoes.  (1:00)
  • When I Fall In Love” (Young/Heyman) – Steve DeDoes (piano).  Improv solo excerpt.  (0:42)
  • When Sunny Gets Blue” (Fischer/Segal) – Mattie DeDoes (alto sax), Steve DeDoes (piano) and the quartet in a great latin groove.  (1:44)

Music Examples:  Complete Songs/Tracks

  • Nowhere To Hide” – instrumental soundtrack from the film “Project: GoldPan” for the U.S. Air Force.  Featuring tenor sax solo by Chris Collins  (2:52)
  • Take Me Out To The Ball Game” (Norworth/Van Tilzer) – version by Steve & Mattie DeDoes used in video tribute to the late Stan Musial.  Click here to see the video by filmmaker Tim Reid and read about the project.  (2:00)
  • Take Me Out To The Ball Game” (Norworth/Van Tilzer) – performed by StrongArm Satch and the All-Stars of Swing.  First released on the Move&Learn CD “Hitting Your Mark” in 2002.  (2:13)
  • You Don’t Need Any Talent“, cast recording.  Performed by the cast & ensemble for the Attic Theatre stage production in 1994.  (2:14)
  • Turn Twelve” (M. DeDoes/Frozen Rope Music [BMI]) – featuring Mattie DeDoes on sax, Steve DeDoes on piano.  From Mattie DeDoes’ 2012 CD “Outside The Lines”.  (4:57)

Media Production Examples:

  • Modern-Day Superwoman” – 1993 television spot for Little Professor Book Company.  Written, produced, and directed by Steve DeDoes. Featuring Jeanette Fisher as the “modern-day superwoman” (lead character); music by Steve DeDoes; sung vocal by Diane Gordon; voice-over by Tom Petiet.  (:30 video)
  • Project: GoldPan” – 1995 film for the U.S. Air Force.  (9:00 version-video)
  • The Vast Difference at the GEM Theatre” – radio advertisement for Jeff Daniels’ smash play “The Vast Difference” moving to the GEM Theatre in Detroit. Advertisement written, produced, and directed by Steve DeDoes. Ad features Ernie Harwell (as himself), along with VD cast members John Seibert, Guy Sanville, Janet Maylie (as narrator), along with music from the play by Steve DeDoes.  (1:00 audio)