Beyond” – a new song by Steve DeDoes & the Helmholtz Project (*see below) – evolved into a complete album, released in May 2020. You can order a CD (from, and access the album through online stores and streaming services (like Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon) by clicking here to go to our access page.

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As a album presentation, “Beyond” represents music produced to inspire, to accompany constructive thought, and to encourage positive & meaningful action. The title track is but the start of a rich journey; one that we hope will cause you not only to respond to the layers and designs of musical expression, but also to contemplate the purposes and directions behind all of the pieces:

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NOTE: as with many of our tracks, the dynamic range of the music may cause the volume levels on some devices to “auto-adjust”. Here in “Beyond,” the introduction opens with a solo trumpet – builds to a larger orchestral texture – and then evolves into a pop-rock groove that adds a full rhythm section, synths, and percussive elements along with the vocal. We hope you can hear the colors in this composition through a decent set of speakers, or perhaps some headphones…

*The “Helmholtz Project” is a moniker that we’ve been using for a couple of years now, one that has come to represent the passions and the collaborations that have gone into our music. It references the spirit of Helmholtz Watson, a character in Aldous Huxley’s novel “Brave New World.” In particular, it speaks to my present directions – after years of professional projects devoted to specific, extrinsic purpose – to realize musical expressions that I personally want to create.

Soon, we’ll be providing more background about the music of “Beyond” – its origins, purposes, production, and the contributors, collaborations, and inspirations behind each of the tracks.

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“Beyond” – original music/lyrics by Steve DeDoes.

All unauthorized distribution is prohibited.
Vocalist/Keyboards: S.DeDoes. Trumpet/Flugelhorn soloist: Keith Stevens. Orchestral Accompaniment: Subterranean Orchestra, produced by S.DeDoes.

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