Christmastime, 2014 – “Michigan Christmas Air” Remains a Favorite for so many Listeners


It’s becoming our annual Christmas card.

Every year, we enjoy hearing from so many people who continue to revel in our 1998 recording, “Michigan Christmas Air,” created with the help of so many great artists throughout our state.  When we began this project, in collaboration with the American Lung Association, our hope was to produce some meaningful music; we wanted it be enjoyable on many levels, to employ many genres, and to capture so many aspects about the holidays; but also to resonate with a sense of purpose.  In particular, we wanted to evoke a feeling about “coming home” to a place like Michigan – where traditions, memories, and deep feelings abound.

( Hear a Clip – “The Bells of Modern Times” )

From what listeners have conveyed to us throughout the years, we are pleased to know that we succeeded in our intent.  We continue to have a great deal of satisfaction about this music – and we want to continue to share the great sounds and stylings of “Michigan Christmas Air,” a volume of music that we can now say has stood the test of time.

If you’re one of the tens of thousands who already have this CD, we sincerely hope that you enjoy it again this year as you ring in the holidays.  If you don’t have the disc…we’ll make a few tracks available to you here !

Listen !hear/download the great Western Brass Quintet playing,
“We Wish You A Merry Christmas”
 (opens new window) !

Faculty Ensemble from Western Michigan University:
Trumpets – Steve Jones, Scott Thornburg; French Horn – Johnny Pherigo; Trombone – Ava Ordman; Tuba – Robert Whaley

From the CD, “Michigan Christmas Air,” 1998, released by and for benefit to the American Lung Association.

© 1998, 2014 S.DeDoes/Full Score & 7 Music. All rights reserved.


and there’s more…

Click here to access another great MCA track – the jazzy “Hurray For Christmas,” featuring an outstanding performance by April Tini on the lead vocal.  Read the interesting story about this production.

Click here to read just some of the press and comments concerning “Michigan Christmas Air” when it was released.

*** Once again, we hope you enjoy the artistry, passion, and the wonderful spirit of “Michigan Christmas Air.”  To each and every one of our listeners:  Merry Christmas – S.D.

(Looking ahead: to early 2015 – some never-before-released songs from shows & concerts. You’ll want to stay tuned !)