DeDoes’ Collaborate on Film Soundtrack

June, 2013 – The final mixes have been delivered for the music tracks that will serve as the soundtrack for the film “Lack Of Appeal,” the debut offering from writer/director Will Chodos.

Steve DeDoes - Composer, Arranger, ProducerIn creating the music for this film, composer Steve DeDoes devised a musical counterpoint that would heighten and propel the ironic and unpredictable elements of this unusual comedic story.  A jazzy, Mancini-esque introduction written for the title sequence helps to set up the twists and surprises that follow in this 20-minute film, which consists of three short vignettes derived from classic themes of logos, ethos, and pathos.  Within the plot, the making of a “film within the film” also caused DeDoes to employ well-established musical devices from traditional film genres in order to connect audiences to the expectations of these moments.

However, the music ultimately underscores the film in very unique ways.  As young filmmaker Everett (the primary character in the story) navigates resolutely through his challenges, the layers of his own angst combine with the perceptions of outsiders to leave him scratching his head and wondering “why.”  DeDoes’ use of jazzy, swinging motifs add emotional dimensions to both the comedic and dramatic directions of Chodos’ sardonic tale.

Thematic and catchy alto saxophone riffs, played by feature artist Mattie DeDoes, serve as almost another character in the film – sometimes siding with Everett, and sometimes seeming to taunt him.

Mattie DeDoes (sax); Unknown Legacy (band)
Mattie DeDoes

The saxophone statements culminate in the “exit” music at the end of the film, where the musical themes coalesce into a more contemporary groove and Mattie’s improvisations.  This track can be heard via the following link:

Listen !“Lack of Appeal” Trailer Music

Director Chodos expects to complete the final editing and production of the film soon (summer 2013).  Along with targeted Internet availability, the film will be submitted to various festivals, as well as other venues that present and highlight artists’ work in short films.

Will Chodos

Stay tuned for more details as “Lack Of Appeal” becomes available.