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Artistic License (2023)

"Artistic License" - 2023 album by Steve DeDoes

Musical Colors on Display…start with piano, add strings & orchestra, and expand into “Infinite” possibilities… Instrumental soundtracks here spring forth from a number of unusual places – Olympic triumphs, introspective journeys, even a techno-rock-orchestral score (“Alternate Universes”) that was inspired from a novel by best-selling author Brian Freeman (“Infinite”). All with the sophisticated, clever layers that are part of Steve DeDoes’ musical craft.

“Steve: will I embarrass you to tell you that I cried (after hearing the piece, ‘A Growing Acceptance)?”
Kathryn Talalay, NY Times-featured author (“Composition in Black and White”)

Intimate Notebooks (2023)

"Intimate Notebooks" - 2023 album by Steve DeDoes

Musical Layers and Dimensions – from the piano, the mind, and the studio of Steve DeDoes. Intriguing instrumental inventions, both of popular material and originals, are accented by a couple creative vocal contributions, by renowned Detroit-area artists: “A World Unknown” (April Tini), and “Frozen In Ice” (Emma Aboukasm).

“I’m VERY proud to appear on this incredible artistic statement…but for me, the high points of this album are Steve’s piano playing, along with the creativity in his arrangements.
April Arabian-Tini, vocalist on “A World Unknown”

Something Got Me Started (2021)

"SGMS" - 2021 album by Steve DeDoes

Distinctive presentations of songs that you know. Pop favorites reimagined (with vocals) like “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You“, “Something Got Me Started“…unique instrumental takes on hits like “Happy“, “Smooth Operator“…along with inventive reworks of well-known crossover and jazz standards. You’ll also hear lots of incredible solo work by saxophone artist Mattie DeDoes, together with contributions from many other fine players !

note: to simplify proper payment to songs’ original composers, this collection of music (i.e., all “covers”) was released to platforms that stream only.

…from a longtime listener – “It’s like I’m hearing these great songs again for the FIRST TIME !!

Single Release: “Magic In The Night” (2024 update to 90’s TV Theme)

"Magic In The Night" - single release by Steve DeDoes

This song was originally composed by Steve DeDoes (with Kerstin Allvin) in the late 1980’s. It was subsequently recorded by Moloney Productions and used in live shows worldwide – it then enjoyed a connection with the late magician Doug Henning, to be employed in a video collection of his television specials. This original version of the song received a Billboard Magazine award in 1993.
DeDoes has subsequently re-written the lyrics, and releases an exciting new version here in a guitar-driven production that features vocals by Sue Gillis and Laura Lyons.



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