Madison Hubbell – along with her partner, Zach Donohue – is the 2022 Olympic bronze medalist in ice dance.

She is also my niece.  I wrote this short piece, “2022 Olympic Fanfare,” to reflect upon, commemorate, and share some perspectives on this remarkable achievement, and to recognize all those who contributed in order to make it happen.

Here is a “premiere” recording, for you to enjoy “2022 Olympic Fanfare – A Tribute To Collective Endeavor“:

2022 Olympic Fanfare” is thoughtfully conceived, and carefully constructed, to illustrate all of those who took part in Madi’s & Zach’s athletic triumph.

First of all – the two primary instruments (trumpet, trombone) – represent the two principles, the partnership of Madison & Zach themselves.  Those two voices are most prominent, and provide the main themes; however, they act in counterpoint throughout the fanfare with the piano, which accompanies throughout.  The piano part represents Susan (my sister) and Brad, Madi’s parents.  They were the backbone of a lifetime of effort in this endeavor.

In conjunction with those primary melodic instruments of trumpet and trombone, you’ll hear they are joined by another brass instrument – french horn.  This represents the influence and part played by my nephew Keiffer.  Keiffer was Madison’s skating partner for many years throughout her early career.  A top-flight skater himself, his role was considerable in helping his sister Madi to achieve her goals and dreams.

Lastly – the string orchestra in this piece, and its role in enhancing and bolstering the music, represents the contributions and ongoing support played by so many other family, friends, and collaborators in what evolved into this eventual triumph.

While this fanfare is relatively brief, and was composed here in February 2022, it illustrates an achievement that has been decades in the making.  As the composer and producer of “2022 Olympic Fanfare,” I sincerely hope that you enjoy this musical statement – and that it helps listeners to share in the experience, and the collective passion and dedication, that it represents.

To my incredible niece, and to all – love and congratulations,