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Music Recordings by Steve DeDoes

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"Artistic Licenses" - Steve DeDoes "Intimate Notebooks" - Steve DeDoes "Something Got Me Started" - Steve DeDoes "Still A Player" - Steve DeDoes   "Beyond" - Steve DeDoes & the Helmholtz Project   "Bluetopia" - Steve DeDoes & the Helmholtz Project   "Outside The Lines" - Mattie DeDoes   "Standard Deviation" - Steve DeDoes + guest artists   a musical journey with Steve DeDoes   Steve DeDoes' "Projections"   "Christmas Air"

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Steve DeDoes - Composer, Arranger, Producer, Performer

Steve DeDoes – Composer, Arranger, Producer, Conductor, Performer

“In his writing and production, as well as his playing, Steve DeDoes embraces a sophisticated aesthetic.”
Robert L. Doerschuk – prominent music reviewer and longtime writer for Keyboard & Musician magazines

“Steve’s music was clever, inventive, and very funny. Without a word from me, he understood what I was trying to do. Then, he made it better.”
Jeff Daniels , acclaimed playwright, and star of stage and screen

“As a composer and arranger, Steve DeDoes manages to inject a unique blend of entertaining yet intellectual inventiveness and energy into each of his compositions – regardless of genre, style, or medium. He skillfully allows a single and clear musical idea to permeate every layer of the piece in clever but understated ways. This is a mark of excellence that is heard in the work of great musical artists.

Listen to his music repeatedly – you’ll discover something new with every visit and come to a similar conclusion — DeDoes is a unique creator with very much to say in today’s world of music.”

John E.Smith – collegiate and secondary educator, music theory lecturer & analyst, lifelong performer (trumpet-orchestral, jazz, session player)

“Yes, Steve studied with me for many years – but he transcended those lessons in so many ways. Many of the things that he does…you just *can’t teach*.”
(the late) Matt Michaels – legendary Detroit pianist, composer, & arranger, and Steve’s longtime mentor

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