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“In his arrangements as well as his playing, Steve DeDoes embraces a sophisticated aesthetic.”
Robert L. Doerschuk, prominent music reviewer and longtime writer for Keyboard & Musician magazines

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Steve DeDoes - Composer, Arranger, Producer
Original Music.  Credits across the spectrum, ideas that resonate…textures and designs that always catch the ear.  Songs, soundtracks and grooves that you remember when you hear them, including chart-toppers and broadcast themes.
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Live Entertainment. Featured Concert Acts; top-flight Musical Direction proven in national tours and major theatrical productions; and the right musical package for any occasion.
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*NEW – North Coast Horns CD/Promo

Entire Productions. DeDoes Music and Media has taken the music to incredible heights for commercial clients – by producing complete films (like the USAF film “Project: GoldPan”), multimedia presentations, and award-winning advertisements.
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Musical Products. Acclaimed CDs, Downloadable Recordings, free tracks, ring tones, and more.  No matter the purpose, DeDoes Music is always distinctive, always memorable.
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Musical Endeavors. Arranging, Teaching, Conducting, Songwriting …Steve has built a legacy of service to colleges, to individual students, to other artists, and in noteworthy commercial collaborations.
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NOTE: The tracks presented on this page, and throughout this website, can be downloaded and enjoyed on a “1-to-1″ basis — that is, additional duplication, including making any of these tracks available through other websites without permission, is strictly prohibited. Please contact DeDoes Music for distribution questions. Enjoy the music !

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